Blindfolded and Vulnerable

One night I decided to mix it up a bit with my young lover. I sat him down in an arm less chair, blindfolded him and turned off the reggae music. Telling him to relax and focus on his five senses, I began to touch him lightly, on the shoulder, a kiss on kneecap, my […]

Grown up “toy store”

Last night there were dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, and bills to pay. I called my Bestie and she asked if I wanted to go and get the cars washed and vacuum them out. We decided if we got high we could turn up the music in her car and get that over-due […]

Bliss Bombs

    A few weeks ago I broke up with the Love of My Life (LOML).  We took the white-hot ride into relationship. We met, talked on the phone, text-ed, and then he moved in. He caught a one-way flight with nothing but a backpack and his bass guitar.We fell deeply,  madly, crazily, fiercely, in […]

Sex cougar style

  On a recent escapade I met a young man who was many years my junior.  He  eagerly struck up conversation, offering me a drink and asking lots of questions. One thing I love is a man who doesn’t start every sentence with “I” or “My “, but instead inquires about me.  This young stud […]