Blindfolded and Vulnerable

One night I decided to mix it up a bit with my young lover. I sat him down in an arm less chair, blindfolded him and turned off the reggae music. Telling him to relax and focus on his five senses, I began to touch him lightly, on the shoulder, a kiss on kneecap, my […]

Closure Conversation – WTF?

The relationship is over, what started out so amazing and miraculous has dwindled to us weaning off each other for about the same amount of time we were in love! We had the chance to discuss openly and honestly about what worked and what didn’t work. Lemme tell you, it SUCKED OUT LOUD!!! Trying to […]

Grown up “toy store”

Last night there were dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, and bills to pay. I called my Bestie and she asked if I wanted to go and get the cars washed and vacuum them out. We decided if we got high we could turn up the music in her car and get that over-due […]

Phoenix Molting

  I had sequenced my life like every American girl is told she should:  finish school, get a good job, get married, have children,  buy a house, have 2.5 kids… blah blah blah.  All my life I’ve always followed the rules (well, mostly) and I’m tired of the way I have settled for less than […]

Let Go For Dear Life

  Letting go is required of  women as soon as our child is born.  We cut the cord and begin to watch our hearts grow tiny arms and legs and run off on their own path. They go to preschool, ride their bikes, grow facial hair and demand we let them grow up.  Every good […]

Inmate holds the key

                Late last night I spoke with an old beloved friend.  He told me of his fear of leaving the woman he’s been with for 15 years.  They have no children, no marriage contract, no shared property yet he cannot find the strength to walk away.  Much like […]

Woman-50 and Ready to Die

A woman in crisis came for spiritual counseling.  She had just turned 50 and was suicidal.  She had never felt like she belonged here, never felt worthy, and had never done anything of value with her life.  Her father died when she was a teen; she felt it should have been her instead and wished she could […]