My Purple Fridays
The story of one woman’s quest to turn fantasy into reality.

Talula Snap, a mid-40s divorced mother of two, having survived a life threatening disease and the betrayal of a cheating former husband, when she noticed something. There were women around her everywhere, who were at roughly the same point in their lives. They were responsible mothers, wage-earners, and homemakers, who had a wild side dying to get out, if only one day (or night) a week! What would it be like, she wondered, to actually do some of the things she and other women had only fantasized about? While her mom or ex watched the kids for a few hours or overnight once a week, would she really have the courage to try things no “good girl” was supposed to do?
Could she attract and seduce a much younger man? Could she make love to two men at once? She had long been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another woman, would the reality be anything like she imagined? She was determined to visit a fetish club; explore the mysterious world of bondage; play the voyeur, be an exhibitionist (safely) and to try ; and be humanly open in every way, to the delights and disappointments of wherever her curiosity led her, unfettered and unafraid!
In her poem “When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple”, Jenny Joseph wrote of the time when she would “…make up for the sobriety of youth”. It is an anthem for millions of women who wait for some undefined time when they can, in a sense, “wear purple”…be free to try things only dreamed of. For Talula, startled out of her comfortable suburban role of wife and mother, life now meant going it alone with kids and job responsibilities. Surely her “purple days” were years off at best, unless she could make something of Friday, the one day when she wasn’t in full mommy mode.
What if she committed to making her Fridays “purple” now, while she was still hot, energetic and was finally truly confident in herself?
Thus began a year of Talula’s Friday adventures. It was not easy. She stumbled awkwardly in situations and surroundings that others seemed to navigate with ease. But that’s a part of her story…and her humanity.
My Purple Fridays is a compilation of her essays. An emotional, sexy, brave, and compelling series of first-person stories that transport the reader into Talula’s world. It’s a “must-read” for women who have ever wondered what it would be like to take fantasy to the next step, and to really set out into uncharted personal territory. She hopes it will inspire women to get together with other women and encourage each other to become empowered. We can live more fully than we ever thought possible after marriage and parenthood. There is life, a creative life available to us even if we are stuck in a boring marriage, going it alone, or coping after divorce, lots of it! We can all have Purple Fridays in our own way. Right now!

I am a single Mom, I have two beautiful boys, ages 13 and 10.  Everything I do is filtered through how it will affect them, thus I am using a pseudonym for my writing.  Sex is a major part of my writing and I want to be as descriptive  (read: raunchy) as possible without worrying that my boys’ teachers or my coworkers will judge me.

My spiritual values and hard work in therapy have helped me heal and become more confident as I explore this new wildly exciting single life.

My creative outlets include writing, ceramics, watercolor, and organic gardening.  I laugh at fart jokes and have food fights in the yard every summer. Yep, I’m the cool Mom who tries too hard, thereby probably embarrassing my kids, but it’s better than fucking the Principal.

Also I proudly hug trees.