June 20, 2014

Blindfolded and Vulnerable

One night I decided to mix it up a bit with my young lover.
I sat him down in an arm less chair, blindfolded him and turned
off the reggae music. Telling him to relax and focus on his
five senses, I began to touch him lightly, on the shoulder,
a kiss on kneecap, my hair on his back slowly trailing down.
I then turned his right hand over and sat down gently on his
upturned palm.  He giggled and squirmed but I made him be still.

Next, I gently inserted my left nipple into his right ear.  Then I circled him again and knelt in front of him.

His breathing sped up and I slowly blew on his belly, giving him goosebumps all over his thighs.

Things began to really heat up when I kissed the tip of his penis so i began sprinkling powder on both of us to reduce friction in the heat, to slide easier skin to skin,  and to make him wonder what I was doing.

I flicked his nipple.  He held on tight to the chair and gritted his teeth.

Finally I moved to straddle him after 10  very slow licks from perineum up between balls over the head and down
the top of shaft.  He was moaning and panting.
I tried to take my time in the entry. Like Woody the owl and the tootsie roll commercial, “a one… a two… crunch!”

It’s so hard to wait and go slowly!

I moved with delicious sensuality, agonizingly slow I sat down on his huge erection.
Finally balls deep I held onto the back of the chair my feet came off the floor
and he rocked me back and forth.  His blindfold came off and we were clinging to one another.
Soon, we moved to the rocking chair in the living room and I faced away from
him doing backward cowgirl until I squirted all over the chair.

Then we moved over to the floor and he got me from behind while diddling my
button at the same time which of course set me off again.
Next a hasty move to the massage table which is the ultimate perfect height for
face-to-face sex.  He turned me around and I realized this was even better! Why?

We can see ourselves in the window!  He, with  his beautiful, lean,  tall and totally cut black body and me, with my

curvy white body responding in a beautiful contrast color and shapes.
Finally I crawled up on the narrow table with him on his back. I tried to go
slow again but  we ended up slamming hard into one another both of us yelling and
laughing talking all the while. We asked each other where to do it…this way or
that way communicating constantly and when his boner would fade a bit as we
moved positions I would simply bring it back to life with the touch or a flick
my tongue.
At Last after hours of acrobatic sex he said, ” Hey, let’s go find those toys you got the other night!”

So we went in the bedroom and found the nipple clamps but I chickened out
because it’s PMS week. Instead we got out the new cock ring.  It’s like a
silicone stretchy band that goes around the base of his penis on the top of that
there is a little motor that vibrates with several little tickler bumps the top
of it
He put it on and turned on the little motor. His whole shaft shaking in quiet
vibration not unlike my vibrator but a lot warmer. And then I slowly slid down
on it and it touched my clit! Oh my God! As I felt the lovely tightening inside
ripple into am orgasm it roiled and rolled on and on and on into one of the
longest climaxes I’ve ever had!
We went in varied strokes- little fast soft easy hard crazy and then finally we
both came together in the most explosive and longest lasting orgasm I can remember!

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