May 9, 2014

Grown up “toy store”

Last night there were dishes in the sink, laundry to fold, and bills to pay. I called my Bestie and she asked if I wanted to go and get the cars washed and vacuum them out. We decided if we got high we could turn up the music in her car and get that over-due chore out of the way. When she showed up at my house, I said, “All my errands and duties are weighing heavily on me, I’m tired from work, the kids are with my mom and…. and I’m horny! Lets go to the sex shop instead.” She was pleasantly surprised and, as usual, game for anything to take her mind off her pending divorce and stresses of her forty-something busy mom life.

Usually I laugh all the way through the store at how silly and cheesy some of the stuff is, curious about all the toys and what they do to what parts of the body. Some things we never quite figure out what they do!
Last night, though I was on a quest for the perfect G spot/clitoral vibrator. We drove the poor lame salesgirl nuts asking her to put batteries in all the various phallic shapes and gadgets. There were dozens! I should work in such a shop, I could write reviews and educate people on what could be fun in bed.

In the end I picked the strongest vibrating one with two little metal balls embedded in the tip of a soft silicone shaft that curved in and up, just right. I haven’t tried it out yet but I’ll let you know how it goes in a future post! My Bestie got an amazing combo that had the outside bunny ears that go on either side of the clit and the inside shaft that gyrates in circles. Both have adjusting speeds of course!

I have a few friends who are shy about these things and would never set foot in a sex shop. So I bought them gifts! I recently discovered the cock ring. It’s made of stretchy silicone and fits over the mans’erection at the base and atop is a very strong motor that runs a lovely little vibrating box with squishy bumps of it. This perfectly meets the happy place, and rocks my world if I’m on top! So I bought three of those and will send two to the shy girls and I’ll keep the one that imitates a pierced tongue for myself, (I’ve always wondered what that feels like). They will thank me later I am sure! On my way to the register I glanced down and saw the word “SLUT” on a book title. It turns out I had to have that too as it describes in great detail the rules and ethics that go with a polygamous lifestyle, open relationship and/or group sex. I love the title, The Ethical Slut. Hey its’ research for my book so I had to have it!

So my dear readers, I will post Fridays from now on. Please stay tuned and leave a comment if you like.
The title of my book is My Purple Fridays, so tonight I’ll be trying out my new toys and reading my new juicy book!
Wishing you and yours a very happy Purple Friday.


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