June 8, 2012

Sex cougar style


On a recent escapade I met a young man who was many years my junior.  He  eagerly struck up conversation, offering me a drink and asking lots of questions. One thing I love is a man who doesn’t start every sentence with “I” or “My “, but instead inquires about me.  This young stud was putting out all the signals of wanting to get to know me in EVERY way. Ultimately, I realized, he wanted  me to teach him how to become a better lover.  After much talk about how I am not looking for long term monogamy and just out sewing my wild oats, he kissed me.  Nice chemistry! After checking in with my BF, I let myself be persuaded to teach him a few important rules for pleasing a woman in bed. I did this as a favor to womankind. I felt it was my feminist duty to tutor this virile young buck for the sake of my sexy sisters. I did it in the interest of improving the sex lives/orgasms for all the future women he would fuck in his life and, yes, I was horny too.

At the hotel in the shower I realized for the younger generation, “manscaping” means no hair at all! He shaves his chest, belly, and nether regions completely bald! He was in his prime, probably less than 5% body fat and raring to go. I whispered between passionate kisses how I am interested in mixing it up and I want a man who is willing to be unpredictable in bed.  I spent years in a marriage where I could tell you exactly what my husband would do and in what order.  Shall I bore you?

  1. Kiss lips, kiss neck, rub boner on my leg.
  2. Suck nipples- left then right then left again.
  3. Go down, not nearly long enough, and then ask for a blow job.
  4. Get in, get off, get out, and fall asleep instantly.

Sound familiar?

There is no one else on Earth who knows our body better than we do. As mature women living in this modern society we have explored our own dimensions and found our happy buttons (hopefully) and the pace at which they should be rubbed, sucked, or licked.  We know EXACTLY what we like and can tell our lovers, if they let us.  This is the beautiful thing about being a “cougar.” I love to educate the young men of the next generation on how to please women ( i.e. me).  It took a while for him to open up and start talking.  He said younger girls dont really want to talk much and he wasn’t used to it.  As the foreplay and sex progressed from the bathroom,  into the bedroom, off the bed and out onto the balcony, we told each other what we liked. It made the sex really hot.   I fear it would’ve become frustrating and boring if we hadn’t been willing to talk and, instead,  just guessed what the other person liked, all the while just  hoping for the best.

It’s all about communication.

Why then, is there all this fumbling around? Why are some of these poor sots trying to spell out the alphabet on my clit? It’s not a Sherlock Holmes mystery to be solved, its simple communication.  If your partner can speak and hear it’s quite simple.  Tell him what you like.  They may be clueless like this last Friday night boy who thought that just a finger or two diddling around was enough with maybe a quick lick or two in between.  I like it side to side, I told him, not up and down.  He may need to change that technique with his next lover but for me I come almost every time I receive good oral sex.  I love it when a man goes down and stays awhile, gets real comfy and explores me. This young stud learned that it’s vital to my orgasmic buildup that he spend some unhurried effort getting to know my individual folds and happy placed. Thankfully he was eager to take directions.

I did wonder though, if it was different with me than it was with other women he had been with who hadn’t yet pushed a giant head or two out of their vaginas?  I dont think he noticed, since he spent the next four hours with a woman confident in her own body who knew how to please and instruct  him in the ways of women’s pleasure.

So there, I’ve done my part in the evolution of man. More to follow!

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