Welcome to My Purple Fridays!

Mission statement

The purpose of this website, blog, and upcoming book is to inspire women.  My fervent hope is that 40-something women, single or married, with or without kids find humor, passion, and bucket list ideas to enrich their lives. I want to offer this site as a safe place to convey ideas, thoughts, feelings, and suggestions to support each other in living fully right NOW.


  You are in for a sexy ride through a 40-something single mom’s adventures!

Which List Will You Live?

Do you yearn for a life of freedom from your endless “TO-DO” list? Have you added to your bucket list (things you want to do before you die) since you were eight? Have you longed for the chance to check off those things you always wanted to try and never did? Is there no end in sight of the constant doing for others and ignoring your own fantasies, curiosities, and creative efforts?

You are not alone dear reader. Just months ago I too was stuck in the cycle of self-sacrifice and burn out, resentful of the “to-do” list and suffering from endless multitasking and adrenal exhaustion.

Follow my journey through a midlife crisis/metamorphosis that starts in the American status quo, free-falls into emotional and mental darkness, and then via my ever growing bucket list, my path leads into the most fulfilling existence as a mother and woman that I could have ever imagined.

There are sexual explorations, anxiety attacks, stupid mistakes, spiritual awakening, and mothering moments from heaven and hell.  Along the way I will show you that I had no idea what on earth I was doing…except really living LARGE!

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